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10 Tips On Long Stay Parking At Airports

Air travel is not fun anymore. It is filled with tensions and hassles. Airports are crowded and the biggest problem that faces travelers is parking at airports. The World Wide Web has eased airport parking to some extent by bring to travelers the facility of booking airport parking online at rates that are competitive. The internet also provides in depth information on how to secure airport parking, what are the options available for air travelers and all about off-site parking facilities.

There are umpteen ways to ease parking problems at airports and some of the many popular online websites are and . The online airport parking websites often offer great deals on parking rates as well as discount coupons from their affiliate parking lots across the US.

If you are planning a long trip here are a few tips:

1. The minute your trip dates are final log on to the internet and book your airport parking slot.

2. Look up the airport site map and familiarize yourself on where the long term parking slots are located. Try
and choose one that is closest to the terminal.

3. Many long stay airport parking facilities offer travelers a free ride to the terminal and a pick up.

4. Always check what the long term parking rates are online and offline. Use any discount coupons you may have
gathered for parking on previous trips.

5. When parking the car especially in wet weather and winter, choose a spot that will minimize exposure to the
elements. If possible opt for closed parking space.

6. Always check for offers like free car wash, no charge on certain days, or offers to service the car while you are away. Most long stay parking lots display their offers on websites. Make the best of it by being an informed traveler.

7. Plan for the trip well in advance and take along the airport parking booking. Always allow around forty-five minutes extra time to park the car secures it, and make your way to the terminal. Last minute rush can be disastrous.

8. If there is a courtesy coach or drop to the air terminal use it. This will help as you will not have to carry your luggage and walk.

9. Some parking lots have a “meet and greet” program where they will pick up your car from the terminal and
park it for you. When you return your car will also be waiting for you ready for you to drive away. Find out
whether the long stay parking company or lot is offering this service and whether it is paid or free.

10. Check what the rates are for off-site and on site long stay parking lots and make a comparison before making a booking. Any parking for over six hours is considered long stay.

The internet is a fountain of information for airport parking and there are websites that offer many on-site as well as offsite airport parking bookings. Most airport websites have maps on the air terminals and parking lots so that travelers can locate the parking lot without going round in circles. Travelers can book the airport parking well in advance and travel without running helter skelter looking for parking at the airport.

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Internet Travel Scams

internet travel scamsby Robert Hanania

After watching the persuasive television commercial with a former science fiction television star proclaiming just how cheap travel can really be, you might find yourself on the Internet testing the virtual waters. Unfortunately, while originally you might have intended to visit the website that your sci-fi actor was talking about, you soon find yourself getting side tracked into checking out some other site and deals, and before long you would be amazed that travel deals on the ‘Net’ are indeed not only cheap but usually feature some exotic destination that is amazingly desirable!

Even as you celebrate your delving into the world of online travel reservations, there is a little voice in the back of your mind warning you that deals which sound too good to be true usually leave something to be desired, yet instead of pulling back and steering your search to the more well known sites, you continue to dig deeper and deeper and land on a good many sites advocating steals and deals – even though the names of the businesses are unknown to you.

A closer look at Internet travel scams reveals that it is now the eager web surfer that will be at the highest risk of falling for one of the many ruthless campaigns currently being marketed online. A scam site with an impossibly long link (URL) may feature a well known name and logo. Travel deals closely mirror that of the original site with the company’s genuine name and web address. Being somewhat web savvy, you figure that this is the site of an affiliate and even as you are getting ready to go back to the original site, you notice that here the deals are even better than they are at the original merchant site. Dig down a little deeper and you will find the affiliate agent’s assertion that in desperation to make a deal, she or he will comp you part of their commission or offer you the deal at an employee discount. Stay away from these practices.
They are not only unethical within the industry but hardly ever genuine. Furthermore, if the deal is made from a third party, you may have no recourse if problems arise and the affiliate will be long gone!

online travel scamsConversely, a travel agency with a name you never heard of may be offering deals that are steals. Having numerous confidence inspiring banners on their sites, such as the ones from the Better Business Bureau and others, you may believe that you are safe. Unfortunately, blindly believing this is a mistake since anyone can cut and paste an image from another website, to be inserted on a fake website. Unless you can verify with the BBB that the company is actually a member, there is no reason to assume the logo on their website is genuine. Similarly, reviews, press releases, and testimonials do not have to be genuine. Caution should always be exercised, and the more amazing the deal, the more caution there should be.

The BBB advises this for people looking to resell there timeshare, but seems to apply for many types of businesses (in my view). The Better Business Bureau recommends the following:

* Do not agree to anything over the telephone until you have had a chance to check out the company.

* Ask the person to send you written materials.

* Ask for references, including address and phone number and contact them.

* Ask where the company is located and in what states it does business.

* Ask if the company’s salespeople are licensed to sell real estate where your timeshare is located. If so, verify this with the state licensing board.

* Find out if the company charges a commission. Do they handle the entire closing and provide escrow services? Do they charge an up-front listing or advertising fee? What does it cover and is it refundable?

* Be wary of companies charging an advance “appraisal” fee for services. Consider opting for a company that offers to sell for a fee only after the timeshare is sold.

* Contact the Better Business Bureau (, state Attorney General’s office, and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the company is located to find out if complaints have been lodged against the company.

At this point in time the travel industry is the one with the most complaints currently found on the ‘Net.’ A closer look at Internet travel scams reveals that the numbers of fraudulent agents are former members of travel agencies who are going it alone, and are downright scam artists who are currently operating Phony websites and have maligned the good name of the trade in general.

About the Author – Robert is an author on various subjects and the owner and operator of several websites and a true fanatic of learning and sharing ‘how to’ material and info. He is now promoting: Gold Crown is the company that provides the Travel benefits and is in BBB.


The Ultimate Airport Survival Guide – Travel Tips

airport survival tips

Your bags are all packed, you checked into your flight online, and you are all set for your trip. Except for one small thing, you have to make it through the airport. Getting through the airport can be the most stressful part of any vacation. But have no fear; your airport survival guide is here!

These five tips will help you make it through the airport with ease and you’ll still have the energy to play a few rounds of golf and a game of bridge with your friends once you reach your destination.

Allow Enough Time

First and foremost, you need to allow ample time for you to check your bags, get through security, find your gate, and maybe even grab a bite to eat. It is always better to arrive at your gate early, rather than to rush through the airport thinking you are going to miss your flight. Many airports offer live security point waiting times online that you can check on the day of your flight. The Dublin Airport suggests adding on even more time if you need assistance with your bags or use a walker or cane.

Protect Yourself

If you think that you will be using the free WiFi at the airport to say your last goodbyes and check up on email, make sure you take precautions to protect yourself from identity theft. By simply signing up for a company like you will be able to ensure that you are safe using the WiFi
when sending any messages or surfing the web. Identity theft is a real problem, so you do not want to take it lightly.

Be Prepared For Security

One of the biggest delays in getting through the airport is the security checkpoint. points out that if people would come prepared the security line would move much faster. So how can you prepare? Have your 3.4-ounce liquids in a clear plastic bag before you ever even leave your home. If possible, you should also wear slip-on shoes and skip the belt. While in the security line, read the signs to make sure that you have removed all necessary items from your carry-on. And finally, give yourself one last pat down before heading for the metal detector to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

Use Technology

Another great tip to make your traveling just a little bit easier is to take advantage of your smartphone. Most airlines will not only allow you to check-in using your smartphone, but you can also store your boarding pass on it. Yes, that means no shuffling around a piece of paper as you go through security, grab a snack, and work on your laptop. When boarding your flight you can simply pull up the boarding pass and the attendant can scan your smartphone.

Don’t Spend too Much

Another way to make your trip more enjoyable is by saving yourself some dough. There are many ways that you can save some cash while traveling. Everyone knows that you can save money by only using carry-on luggage, but you can also save money by bringing snacks from home and traveling with an empty water bottle. You can’t take water through security, but as soon as you get to the other side you will be able to fill your water bottle up at a drinking fountain.

Now that you know these five tips to make your trip through the airport more enjoyable, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the flight and maybe finish that crossword puzzle or settle in for a snooze, next stop your relaxing vacation!


Top 20 Travel Tips for a Terrific Trip – video

This video presents general tips that should be considered for any type of travel, business or pleasure.
Here is the complete list in text form:

Proper preparation will make your trip more pleasant and less stressful.

Time is your most valuable resource. Plan in advance for both everyday needs and unanticipated problems so you don’t waste precious hours.

#1 Create your packing checklist at least 7 days prior to travel. Only take what you really need.

#2 Mark your luggage with distinctive colors or stickers to make it easily identifiable to you and others. You can more easily spot it and others will not mistakenly take it. If lost, you can give a unique description. Consider shipping it to your destination.

#3 Use clear plastic zip-lock bags to organize small items, prevent liquids from leaking on everything, and to keep clothing clean and dry. Bring additional empty bags for dirty clothing and items purchased along the way.

#4 Take a minimal amount of clothing that can have multi-purpose uses and that mix and match well with each other (to create various outfits). A lightweight jacket and soft hat that can be easily rolled up are critical!

#5 Take pants with plenty of usable pockets and wear your most comfortable shoes. Inside your luggage, a second pair of shoes can be stuffed with socks and small items to conserve space.

#6 Lightweight slippers or flip-flops are recommended for hotel rooms or just tired feet.
Avoid walking barefoot outside or inside.

#7 Apply address labels to important items such as cameras and cell phones, for easier return if lost.

#8 Along with originals in your pockets, place a copy of passport and credit card info in carry-on bag and leave another with a relative at home. If something is lost or stolen you have back-up information.

#9 Spread your money among different bags and if traveling with a companion, share each other’s bags – – – so if one is lost, you will each still have clothes.

#10 Bring some snack bars, nutrition bars, water, vitamins, and all medications you take regularly.
Don’t forget sun protection, lotions and lip balm!

#11 Take a travel alarm clock so you don’t rely on the hotel or another traveler. Keep a compact flashlight with it.

#12 Pack a Swiss army knife (including screwdriver, corkscrew, scissors, knives) and extra batteries for cameras and electronics.

#13 Carry business cards to easily exchange contact information with people you meet, plus pens and a notepad to jot down notes, phone numbers, names and addresses.

#14 Take a mini-emergency kit including aspirin, antacid, Neosporin (pain relief cream), anti-itch cream, bandaids, scissors, sanitizing wipes, and even duct tape for temporary repairs.

#15 Don’t forget a list of email addresses and phone numbers you could reach someone at in case of emergency or to pass along updates. Pre-print address labels to save time writing postcards.

#16 Be sure to get any recommended immunizations and consider travel insurance in case of hospitalization or expensive medical evacuation.

#17 Don’t drink water unless it is bottled. This is no time to be sick!

#18 Lunches often offer better monetary value than evening meals, so think about making them your main meals.

#19 Obey local laws, be polite and courteous, and smile to everyone! They will be much more likely to help you or offer assistance.

#20 Travel packages may be cheaper than assembling your trip yourself. For example, combinations of flights, hotel and rental cars could be more expensive if purchased separately.

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Travel Safety Tips: Safety First While Traveling

When vacation time arrives, the first thing on most peoples minds is fun. A chance to get away from the hot, stuffy office, or from the winter blues and have some fun. Exploring the world can be a great experience, but not everywhere is safe, and not everyone on the planet is nice. A few precautions, and a little pre-trip thought can help you ensure that your vacation is safe and fun.

Finding a Safe Place To Stay
If you are going somewhere you have never been before, then it can be daunting finding somewhere to stay. Booking a hotel based on star ratings can help you a little, but it is still worth doing more research, just to be sure.

It is important that you examine the area where the hotel is located. Ask yourself: “Is it located in a high crime rate area?”. Is there sufficient security for the guests? Preferably, non-guests should have limited access to the main hotel structure and a room escort service should be offered, in order to have a minimal level of security.

Make sure that the room you stay in has locks on the windows and doors. If at possible, you should try to find a hotel that uses electronic keys. This is safer and more secure than a normal door key, as the electronic key can be changed for each new guest. Check the room, and the hallways, for sprinklers and smoke alarms, and read any safety signs so you know what to do in the event of an emergency.

During Your Stay
When you check in to your hotel, keep your luggage near you, and keep an eye on it at all times. Ask the check in desk to write your room number down, rather than tell it to you verbally – this will stop anyone from overhearing your room number.

Don’t give your full name when signing in – just use your surname and your first initial. If you are a woman, don’t use Ms. Or Miss as a title, as this may make people assume you are alone and as such, an easier target. If the hotel provides a safe, place your valuables in it instead of leaving them in your room.

After you have arrived safely and checked into your hotel—what do you do next? If you are like most vacationers, you will be eager to explore the country that they have just arrived in. But before you head out on your discovery adventures, take note of these two safety tips. They can help you in your travels. Under no circumstances should you carry large amounts of cash. This is not a smart move. Also, DO NOT wear expensive-looking jewelry. That would invite unwanted and unnecessary attention. Another good tip is to keep your travelers checks and credit cards in separate pockets. That way, you will avoid both items being stolen.

Enjoy Your Holiday
Travel is fun, and there is a vast world out there waiting to be explored. Remember, while you are having fun, that you still need to behave sensibly – the party atmosphere is nice, but don’t leave valuables lying around, and don’t flash wads of cash to everyone in sight. You wouldn’t do it in your home town, so why do some people think that the place they are holidaying in is any different?

Be sure to make an effort and take some time to learn as much as you can about the different cultures and customs of your chosen destination. But most of all, have fun, take lots of photo’s and stay safe.

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