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In-Flight Essentials: 10 Must-Haves for International Flights

Jet setting to an exciting international destination is a thrilling prospect. Less thrilling?
Spending hours on end on an airplane. Here are 10 essentials to get you through international
plane rides in one piece.

Start On The Right Foot

From the minute you step out the door, you’re setting the stage for your travel experience. Before you worry about what you are going to bring with you, avoid complications and start prepared. Traffic can be a nightmare if you are unfamiliar with the airport you’re navigating through. Avoid wrong-turns, unexpected
traffic bollard blockades at your gate and parking tickets by checking out the airport map before you leave. Enhance the seamlessness of your airport experience by printing your boarding pass at home using an electronic ticket kiosk.

Comfortable shoes

Metros and fashionistas, put comfort first for travel. Flat, riding-style boots and slip-on sneakers are great options, avoid restrictive, hard, synthetic materials that can create blisters.

Stay Hydrated

Airplanes are known for dry air, which can be damaging to the skin, nose, lungs and eyes. If you wear contacts, it may be best to swap them out for glasses for the ride, there’s nothing worse than itchy eyes while you’re trying to nap. If you loathe your glasses and insist on contacts, pack plenty of accessible contact solution and/or eye moisturizing drops. Bring lotion, drink plenty of water and pack nasal spray and proper medications for breathing conditions like asthma.


In the age of technology, tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire have nearly limitless possibilities. From books to periodicals, movies, music and games, it’s good to have options for entertainment during a fight delay.


Whether you listen to in-flight entertainment or bring your own, you’ll want comfortable headphones. Try several styles before you settle on one if you like earbuds make sure they’re a good fit that won’t slip out every time you turn your head. If you choose an over-ear style make sure they don’t squeeze your head, giving you a headache when worn over a long period of time.

Neck Pillow

Pack a neck pillow; ideally an inflatable one to give you some extra space in your carry-on. Horseshoe-shaped pillows are excellent for planes, as they stay in place while you sleep.

Baby Wipes

Bring a small, re-sealable container of baby wipes and keep it within easy reach. They’re perfect for cleaning up after an in-flight snack or to freshen your face or body after a nap.


Overall, international flights have better food service than domestic flights. Still, if you get hungry it’s good to have a little something you know you’ll like in your bag. Choose something that won’t melt and only pack enough to get through the flight since it could be confiscated at customs when you arrive at your destination.

A Great Scarf

Oprah recommends a large cashmere wrap to keep you comfortable on long flights. For us budget shoppers, a pashmina or lightweight opaque scarf can serve the same purpose. A scarf takes up very little room in your bag but can just as easily be stored around your neck. When you get cold you can wrap it around yourself. If you need to fill a nook or cranny to get comfy, just cram the scarf in there. Lastly, if you’re attempting a nap and can’t seem to shut out the world you can wear it like a hood or pull
it up over your eyes to get some peace.