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Stress-Free Vacation Tips

What Good Is a Stressful Vacation?
Relax, It’s Going to Be Great

What good is a stressful vacation? About 90 million people use the Internet each year to book flights, hotel rooms and restaurant reservations, according to USTravel.org. This has created a breeding ground for hackers, identity thieves and con men.

Add this to the other stresses involved in travel, and it can be easy for a vacation to feel like work.
Here are some tips for a safe and stress-free trip:

Keep a Flexible Schedule

If you want to save money on travel, don’t try to make it work around your schedule; work your schedule around travel opportunities. You never know when you’ll be able to take a night flight for less, or book at a less crowded hotel if you don’t mind moving your vacation up a week. Get in the habit of napping in busy or unusual places when you get a chance and you’ll be able to remain well-rested no matter when you have to fly.

Take Care With Your Plastic

When you make an ATM withdrawal, check your surroundings. You don’t need somebody robbing you or peeking over your shoulder to get your PIN. Don’t check financial accounts or use your credit card on public computers or unsecure Wi-Fi networks, either. LifeLock service for identity theft monitors your credit and accounts and alerts you to any suspicious activity, but it’s better if nobody gets a hold of your information in the first place.

Never Share Vital Information Over the Phone

If you’re not face to face or otherwise in a controlled environment speaking to someone you know is an official representative of your bank, the airline or the hotel, then you shouldn’t be telling anybody your credit card number. Share basic information like what hotel you’re staying at and where the taxi can pick you up, certainly, but avoid sharing any details that people can use to steal your identity.

Avoid Travel Around the Holidays

Unless you just have no other choice, avoid traveling around the holidays. You’re better off arriving a week early or leaving a week late for Christmas than trying to book a round trip right at the end of December. Even if you can buy well in advance and save money, you still have to deal with the crowds, and it’s not really worth it. Better to avoid it all and travel when it’s a little less hectic.

Look for a Flight With a Lot of Open Seats

A flight with a lot of open seats offers lots of leg room. That’s all there really is to say about that.

It’s experience that makes you into a great, well-seasoned traveler, and you only gain that experience by actually traveling, so put the stress aside and just take the trip.