Travel Agent – Work at Home Business

Earn money as a Travel Agent by helping people book airfare, hotel and cruise reservations.

work at home in travel business

Full Time in Delaware or Part Time anywhere in USA. The perfect side business or part-time job for an at-home parent. Earn $100 to $500 on every sale while spending time with your kids. Set your own hours and earnings goals. Keep start-up costs to a minimum. And most important, avoid being a victim of the “business opportunity” marketers by learning about a real potential career.

Become a home-based travel agent through a real brick and mortar travel agency! Contact us.

You can then offer travel bargains to friends, family and members of any group you belong to!
Same airline, hotel, rental car and cruise vendors but you earn part of every sale and can build your own travel business.

Reasons to consider your own home travel business:

Some of the many advantages of being “self-employed”:

  •   Set your own hours and work from any location.
  •   No need for employees. No high franchise fees. No business loans needed.
  •   Join a major industry that continues to grow ($1.3 trillion annually in U.S.).
  •   Learn from experienced professionals.
  •   Enjoy tax advantages of self-employment (and deduct up to all travel expenses).
  •   Build a residual income with huge earnings potential.
  •   Small and home-based businesses are fastest-growing segment of U.S. economy.
  •   Travel industry is growing 23% faster than the global economy.
  •   Home-based travel sellers are fastest-growing segment of travel agency community.
  •   Baby-boomers are retiring one person per 8 seconds. Travel is a prominent activity.

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