Travel Journals of Vacation Trips

Read journals and accounts of vacations and family trips to worldwide destinations.
Real travelers share serious or humorous stories about their journeys and expeditions to foreign lands by air, sea and land. Their anecdotes could give you ideas for your own adventures!

vacation trips for couples and families

England, Scotland, Wales
Rhine River Cruise
Egypt: Nile River Cruise
Straits of Magellan Cruise

Spain, Portugal
Venice, Dalmatian Coast
Costa Rica

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Share insights on vacation destinations, funny stories, or just your personal narrative of a wonderful or even disastrous trip. “Travel” is the most searched for term on the internet, so you can be that someone would be interested to see what you’ve got to say.

All items are subject to editor approval. We will let you know if your story is accepted. All submissions should be factual and not strictly for marketing purposes. Suggested ideas include:

  •   Trip journals of complete travel (a few hours to a few weeks)
  •   Notes on how you enjoyed popular locations
  •   Personal reviews of particular destinations or travel packages
  •   Advice for other travelers when visiting certain locations
  •   Funny personal stories – hopefully with a happy ending!
  •   Anecdotes or commentary about a certain day or event on your trip
  •   Cruise from hell / Flight to forget and what you did to survive

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