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Arizona Camping Made Easy

Camping in any state will have different precautions to take; camping in Arizona and the Southwest is no different. While some of the precautions are unnecessary in other states, anyone can deal with them successfully.

First, you need to realize what the main dangers are and then learn ways to effectively avoid or overcome them.


Camping at the Grand Canyon poses obvious dangers if you pitch your tent too close to the rim, but other
dangers lurk in various types of terrain in the form of rocks, branches, debris, animal burrows and
poisonous plants. Give yourself a crash course on recognizing toxic foliage for the area and season
in which you’ll be camping, says CampArizona.com. Also rinse any affected area immediately and apply a soothing balm.

Camping Gear

Part of Arizona’s beauty is its untouched and sometimes isolated landscapes. Camping is safer in a reliable and well-equipped vehicle, which you can find at Nissan Arizona in the form of the Nissan Pathfinder or other local dealers with comparable models. AZ Nissan dealers have several heavy duty and reliable vehicles that handle all types of terrain, provide adequate cargo space for your gear and shelter in the event of unexpected inclement weather.

Weather Conditions

Pitching a tent in the middle of the desert during summer is, well, kind of dumb. It can also be kind of deadly. Save the desert terrain camping for cooler months, and opt for one of the other dozens of landscapes instead. USA Today suggests multiple places,
including Roosevelt Lake, which is desert landscape but at least with a grand body of water; Sycamore Canyon Wilderness with its spring-fed creek; Tonto National Forest nestled neatly in the Sonoran Desert; and the Bradshaw Mountains, which are surrounded by the Prescott National Forest.

Regardless of what type of surroundings you choose, always check the weather report. You may be surprised at how quickly an 88-degree day can plummet to a 48-degree night and you want to pack the proper clothing and gear to withstand the weather. Also be wary of selecting a deep valley or canyon for camping during the summertime monsoon season. Storms can burst upon you suddenly and flash floods can rip through an entire
landscape in mere seconds.


Because Arizona is notorious for its dry climate, campfire restrictions are not uncommon. A Smoky Bear sign at the camping ground entrance usually warns how high the fire danger is and if any restrictions are in place. Even when there are no fire restrictions, BlueSkyKitchen.com warns it typically takes more to properly douse a campfire in Arizona than it would elsewhere. The wood has lower water content and the humidity is usually pretty high. Always make sure a fire is completely out before leaving the scene, and never leave a fire unattended!

Bugs and Beasts

The biggest bug dangers to watch for are bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, according to CampArizona.com. They are best deterred with gentle brushing motions rather than wild swatting. Keep an eye out for snakes, scorpions and javelina in the desert landscapes and do your best to avoid direct encounters. Bears are big in the mountain areas and forests, but you can keep them at bay by keeping a clean campsite and securing your food in locked bear bins or inside your locked vehicle.