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10 Tips On Getting The Best Seats On An Airplane

by Timothy Rudon

Air travel is teeming with passengers and with discounted airfares it is close to impossible to get good seating on flights. With a growing demand airlines are maximizing space and putting into the cabin a larger number of seats. This created cramping and a lack of leg room for large people.When people travel economy in giant planes like the Airbus it is important to select seating intelligently. If you make an effort to get a reasonably good seat then your air travel will be comfortable.

1. On booking the flight determine what kind of plane it is, the make and number. Then look up the configuration of the plane online. Many websites devoted to travel have featured the seating plans of planes online.

2. Study the seat plans and recommendations made on airplane seating websites like SeatGuru and SeatExpert. Know which seats are the choicest and which ones are best avoided. These websites illustrate seating in economy, first, and business class and delineate the pros and cons for passengers.

3. It is prudent to pre-book the most convenient seat well in advance. Some low cost airlines have free seating this means you cannot pre-book your seat. When checking in online, on the phone, or at the counter find out what seats are available.

4. Experts recommend the front of the plane as you can get off quickly and the front of the plane gets less turbulence than the back.

5. If you have a baby or toddlers traveling with you inform the check in staff they will allot you seats that
have space for a baby chair.

6. The seats adjoining the emergency exists have greater leg space but these are sometimes not allotted in advance.

7. If you like a window view then avoid seats in the middle the wing span blocks the view. The fuel tanks are
located in the middle and the risk of fire in emergency conditions is much greater.

8. Seats in a plane at the rear are not popular as there is increased turbulence, this are is located close to the toilets and galley. If you are susceptible to nausea the food being heated can cause problems. These seats are the ones that cost the least in flights that offer discounted tickets.

9. If you need elbow room or feel claustrophobic choose an aisle seat. These are easier as you can get up to
stretch or use the facilities without asking people to allow you to pass.

10. Avoid seats with limited recline, especially if the flight is long.

Flying can be a pleasure and not a pain if you make an effort.

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