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Discount Golf Vacations: Enjoying The Game Without Breaking The Bank

by Cedric Agravante

One key to finding good discount golf vacations is in the time of year you plan to go. It stands to reason that the parts of the world with the most beautiful weather are going to be the most popular among golfers during this particular season. However, if you don’t mind a little colder or hotter than normal temperatures, you may be able to find less expensive golf destinations. Check around at your favorite destinations and find out what their peak season is, then find out the rates for their off season. It is likely that the off season rates will be more competitive.

Golf Packages in Las Vegas
Let’s face the facts here. The desert is the desert and it will pretty much stay hot year round. That being said, there may not be a particularly attractive time of year for Las Vegas golf getaways, but this could actually tip the odds in your favor. You may have more luck shopping around different hotels and golf courses
year round rather than waiting for one particular season to arrive. Golf packages in Las Vegas can range from very reasonable to extravagant. For example you can get a weekday rate of $549 for three nights at a popular hotel and three rounds of golf at a local course. At $183 per day for a hotel and a round of golf on a Las Vegas course, this is a tough deal to beat, but we will still try.

Florida Golf
Florida is another popular golf destination where the rates for hotels and green fees can vary just as much as Las Vegas. Fall appears to be a slow time, however, because the special “Thanksgiving” and “Holiday” rates are all over the place. A lakeside resort in Orlando is going for $99 per person, which includes a queen suite, 1 round of golf per day and a cart rental. Most golf courses worth playing on would charge that much just to get a tee time. Seasonal rates are often a good way to take advantage of the deepest discounts.

Try a “Scottish Golf Holiday”
Every true golf lover should travel to the birthplace of the game at least once in their life. If you don’t go for the golf, go because Scotland is amazing and you won’t want to leave. The countryside alone will make you stare for days, and the forty-four golf courses will leave you wishing you just had a little more time. One example of a “Scottish Golf Holiday” includes seven nights in a four star hotel, seven days of car rental, and one round each at five of Scotland’s most prestigious golf courses. This package is much pricier than a golf vacation in the States, but for $2500 per person you are getting much more than a hotel and a few games of golf.

While you’re in the area, you might think of popping over to Ireland and enjoying a little of what they have to offer as well. Their packages have similar features and prices as the Scotland packages just don’t tell them that! The most important thing is not to drive yourself crazy trying to find the absolute lowest discount golf vacations because you will always be able to find something cheaper if you keep looking long enough. So make a decision already, get out there and start enjoying your golf vacation.

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