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Caribbean Vacations: Year Round Fun

by Cedric Agravante

Christmas in the Caribbean
What did you do for Christmas last year? Did you wade through seas of people and endure rude sales clerks in a mad dash to get your last minute shopping done? Maybe you loaded up the minivan and hauled your family across three states to a relative’s house for three straight days of mass organized chaos. No matter what you did, it’s a safe bet that there a lot stress involved. Are you looking forward to doing the same thing this year, or do you think maybe it’s time for a change? Instead of saving up your pennies for a summer trip, maybe you should consider a holiday in the Caribbean instead.

Sunny Caribbean Vacation in December or January
In the Caribbean, the sun shines year round so there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it in December or January. Aruba, Barbados, the Cayman Islands or any one of the destinations in the Caribbean will act as a welcome replacement to the stressful winter your friends are facing back home. It may not be the holiday season you are used to, but in the Caribbean you can make your own new traditions. While your friends are scraping the ice off of their windshields, you will be listening to the waves crash on the shore from your beach chair. As everyone back at home is fighting over the last parking spot at the mall, you’ll be watching the sunset over the ocean horizon.

Worry-Free Way to Travel to the Caribbean
One of the most worry-free ways to travel to the Caribbean during the holidays or any other time is to find an all-inclusive resort or travel package. Make sure it is reputable so you don’t end up in a no-name hotel downtown somewhere with questionable food and watered-down drinks. If you have the means, try going through a travel agent to book all of the details. For a less expensive method, there are countless internet travel sites that offer special rates when you book vacations as a package. The most important part–as with any vacation planning–is that you trust the source you decide to use after doing plenty of research.

There are several places to choose from when trying to decide where to spend your Caribbean holiday. Finding the right one for you requires knowing your budget, what you want to do as far as activities, and what is going to have the best availabilities. The Bahamas are very popular and among the most common vacation spots in the Caribbean. Visit the Changing of the Guards Ceremony or attend a Friday night Fish Fry in Grand Bahama Island. There is no shortage of events to attend or activities year round in this tropical paradise.

Checking Out How the “Other Half” Lives at St. Bart’s
If you are interested in seeing how the “other half” lives, you might want to check out St. Barthelemy, affectionately dubbed St. Bart’s by its loyal–and wealthy–visitors. Known for its pristine beaches and gourmet restaurants, St. Bart’s is a Mecca for the rich and famous. If you can afford it, you’ll have no trouble finding pampering on this island. Though there are several hotels to choose from, the most popular accommodations are villas and bungalows. You may end up spending more than you planned if you hit up St. Bart’s, so if you are on a tight budget you might want to stick to one of the other many options.

Christmas Caribbean vacations are not exactly a new idea. As long as there have been shopping malls and insane relatives, there have been people desperately trying to escape them. While there is definitely a busy season in the Caribbean, it’s difficult to find a season that does not attract a loyal following of tourists. Whether it’s Curacao, Barbados, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia, St. Maarten or anywhere else in the Caribbean, you probably won’t find yourself feeling homesick anytime soon. If you do pine for a traditional Christmas custom, find yourself a palm tree to decorate and remember that a week from now you will be back at home wishing you were here. Happy Holidays!

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